How Do I Get Free Stuff?

Navigating our website is simple. Browse through and find the offers that interest you. Click the
‘Grab It’ button to be directed to the corresponding company’s website which is running the free
sample giveaway. Follow their instructions, which usually entail entering a few details like your name
and address, and submit the form. Freebies usually arrive within 28 days, but the delivery time may
vary depending on the offer.

Who Sends the Freebies?

Companies who run these freebie campaigns include renowned brands such as L’Oreal, Nivea, Tesco,
Cadbury, Gillette, Colgate, Olay, Dove, Fairy, Pampers, Huggies, Head & Shoulders, Simple, Oral-B,
Always, Vodafone, Twinings, BBC, Redbush tea, and many more.

We dedicate ourselves to finding the best Canadian freebies and updating our website daily.

Why Haven’t I Received Any Freebie?

PrimeFreeStuffCanada.com does not stock any freebies. The companies that run these freebie
campaigns can sometimes get overwhelmed due to high demand for popular offers. Sometimes they
receive over 100,000 freebie requests!

Typically, freebies arrive in less than 28 days. If your freebie hasn’t arrived, please be patient
(remember, they are freebies). If you’ve been waiting longer than expected, we recommend sending
the company an email asking when the freebie is likely to arrive.

What Kind of Free Stuff Can I Get?

The range of freebies is vast. In the past, we have seen free shampoo, body cream, cereal bars, tea
bags, coffee samples, perfume, toothpaste samples, magazines, books, make-up, and much more.
Visit our freebie photos and video testimonials page to see what our visitors have received.

How Often Are New Freebies Released?

New freebie offers are released every day. PrimeFreeStuffCanada.com is updated daily with new
freebies. If you want to be the first to know about the latest freebies, join our Email Newsletter,
Facebook, and Twitter page.

Why Do Companies Give Away Free Stuff?

A common question! Giving away free samples is a marketing strategy to attract new customers. If
people enjoy the samples, 70% of the time, they will buy the product in the future. Therefore,
companies give away freebies hoping to gain new customers.

Can You Send Me Email Updates When New Freebies Are Released?

Absolutely, if you sign up for our email newsletter at the top of the page, we will send you regular
updates. Our weekly email newsletter includes all the best freebies from the past week.

Do You Charge for Your Services or Is It 100% FREE?

Our website is 100% free to use. We aim to help freebie hunters find free stuff and samples. Our
goal is to become the biggest and best freebie community in Canada.

Will I Receive Lots of SPAM?

Your personal details will be used by companies to send you freebies. Usually, there’s an opt-box for
receiving future emails with every offer. If you tick this box, you shouldn’t be contacted in the future.
Check out our freebie hunters hints and tips for more ways to cut down SPAM.
We will NEVER share your details with any third parties if you sign up for our freebie newsletter.
We recommend setting up a new email address (with Gmail or Hotmail) solely for freebie offers to
avoid cluttering your main email.

What Do You Recommend We Do With Freebies We Receive That We Don’t Want?

We recommend donating your extra freebies to your local food bank. That way, someone else can
make good use of them. You can find your nearest food bank here.

We Are a Media Organisation. Who Do We Contact for Interviews or More Information?

Please send us a message through our contact us form. Leave your name, phone number, and a brief
message, and we’ll be more than happy to get back to you. You can find more facts and figures
about our website on our press information page.

What is Your Privacy Policy?

You can find our complete privacy policy here.

If You Still Have More Questions?

If we haven’t answered your question, please send us a message through our contact us form, and
we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.